Stabilising Revenues, Adding Value

For businesses and entities working in the renewable energy sector, the single greatest and most significant factor influencing availability and performance is weather.

GCube is a leading provider of weather hedging mechanisms for the wind, solar and hydropower markets, enabling buyers to guarantee a floor on financial performance and unlock additional value for projects and their stakeholders.

GCube’s Weather Risk Transfer mechanism provides project stakeholders with a means to stabilise future cash flows and minimise the impact of adverse weather on revenue. In return for an insurance premium, it provides a financial hedge to offer vital protection against cash flow fluctuations by means of compensation in the eventuality of below or above par resource availability.

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Safeguarding revenues with Weather Risk Transfer

Interview with Geoffrey Taunton-Collins

Faced with increasingly volatile resource availability, wind energy owners and asset managers are turning to Weather Risk Transfer (WRT) mechanisms to hedge against the financial impact of low wind speeds. Geoffrey Taunton-Collins explains how GCube’s WRT product stabilises revenues and unlocks additional asset value.

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Weather Risk Transfer specialists

GCube’s Weather Risk Transfer team has longstanding experience supporting renewable energy asset owners as they minimise the effects of resource fluctuations on long-term revenues.

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