Supporting global solar deployment for over 10 years

Solar power is the fastest growing source of new energy worldwide. With an expanding global supply chain and solar projects being built in remote, high-risk markets, managing the impact of external perils is a key challenge for the industry.

At GCube, we have been insuring solar power risks since 2005, underwriting over 20GW of projects. We provide transit, construction and operational all risks coverage, alongside a range of tailored offerings, to help project owners and operators meet financial expectations.

Writing solar policies all over the world gives us an unmatched capability to evaluate new innovations and technology, and pass on this expertise to our clients.

Our portfolio of underwritten assets spans utility scale, ground mounted photovoltaic systems and commercial and residential rooftop portfolios.


Insuring Solar PV in the Middle East

Interview with Rosa Van Reyk

As opportunities for solar power development open up worldwide, the Middle East and North Africa have become promising new markets for international investment. Rosa Van Reyk discusses how investors in these markets can overcome logistical and political risk challenges.

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