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Utility-scale onshore wind is no longer a bit part player in the global energy mix. It is a proven asset class that delivers reliable, cost-effective production and steady returns in markets around the globe.

However, the risk profile of wind energy continues to evolve as turbines and projects increase in size, the sector expands into new territories and many assets move into long-term operations post warranty.

Established in 1987 to support the very first commercial wind farms, GCube is the global leader in wind energy insurance, underwriting over 60GW of onshore wind projects worldwide.

To address the challenges faced by modern wind farm owners throughout the asset lifetime, we provide coverage for all risks during transit, construction and operation. We also offer a tailored Weather Risk Transfer (WRT) mechanism designed to mitigate the financial impact of resource fluctuations.

Safeguarding revenues with Weather Risk Transfer

Interview with Geoffrey Taunton-Collins

Faced with increasingly volatile resource availability, wind energy owners and asset managers are turning to Weather Risk Transfer (WRT) mechanisms to hedge against the financial impact of low wind speeds. Geoffrey Taunton-Collins explains how GCube’s WRT product stabilises revenues and unlocks additional asset value.

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