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The nature of working in the demanding marine environment means that the risks of constructing and operating an offshore wind farm are substantial.

With narrow windows of favourable weather for project access, the financial impact of downtime and delay in start up can be costly – and these risks are set to grow in prominence as costs fall, sites grow in size and technical complexity, and the industry moves into deeper waters.

GCube has a track record of insuring offshore wind projects in Europe and further afield for over a decade. We have underwritten a number of first-in-market projects worldwide, from early near-shore and fixed-foundation developments to the very first floating wind demonstrator sites off Japan.

Our tried and tested coverage includes Construction All Risks (CAR), Operation All Risks (OAR), Ocean Transit All Risks and Marine Delay in Start Up cover.



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GCube’s Underwriting and Claims teams have the market-specific knowledge and experience to help you protect your offshore wind farm throughout its lifecycle. Get in touch with one of our specialist underwriters to find out how we can support you.

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