Mitigating a growing cyber threat

GCube’s first-in-market cyber risk product is specifically designed to protect renewable energy projects from the growing threat posed by cyberattacks on proprietary or third-party IT or OT (Operational Technology) systems.

Cyberattacks, while increasing in regularity, are currently a low-incidence risk – but when an incident does occur, losses are often very high, due to the potential for a single attack to compromise, or stall, an entire fleet.

In this situation, losses can include not only Business Interruption costs resulting from project downtime, but also reputational harm and the loss, or theft, of valuable SCADA data.

GCube’s Cyber Risk product, available globally, offers clients the opportunity to protect their revenues from the significant – and rising – risk posed by malicious cyberattacks and ransomware.


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GCube’s team has longstanding experience supporting renewable energy asset owners and understands the unique exposures of power generation projects.

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