Underwriting Bio projects of all shapes and sizes

At GCube, we understand the unique requirements of the Biomass industry. Our dedicated underwriting and claims teams are experienced in addressing the various challenges faced by bioenergy plants – of all shapes and sizes.

The coverage we offer includes transit, construction and operational all risks insurance – which we have provided to over 15GW of bioenergy projects around the world.

Our BioPro policy provides comprehensive coverage, built upon proven underwriting, technical knowledge and claims expertise offering A Rating from A.M. Best, Class XV and S&P ‘A’ Rated or better capacity.

Biomass technology types we cover include Waste to Energy projects, Direct Combustion, Aerobic Digestion, Anaerobic Digestion, Pyrolysis and Gasification.

To find out more, download the BioPro product sheet.


Bioenergy specialists

GCube’s Underwriting and Claims teams have a long track record working with innovative bio technologies. Get in touch with one of our specialist underwriters to find out how we can support you.

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