Will IoT Implementation in Renewable Energy Create New Cyber Attack Risks?

IOT Evolution reports on renewable energy’s potential to replace diminishing and polluting fossil fuel, petroleum, coal and other traditional power sources in a way that can change the very course of our planet’s future. The article explores the challenge of scale that is being addressed by Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) through instrumenting larger and larger systems, and the increased cyber attack risk that comes with this.

“Fraser McLachlan, CEO, GCube Insurance, a major provider of insurance for renewable energy projects across the globe, told PV Tech in a recent article, “There have been a number of recent attacks, but perhaps the most significant was the Triton attack a few months ago in which hackers infiltrated the safety systems used in energy plants thereby halting operations in at least one facility (rumoured to be in the Middle East). In this attack the safety systems were ‘fooled’ into thinking everything was functioning normally, while hackers were actually taking control covertly. Significantly, intelligence experts have predicted that this attack will likely be replicated.”

According to the article, “The worry is that such attacks could easily infiltrate the renewables sector as well,” which was part of the impetus of GCube’s launching an insurance offering for the protection of renewable energy projects – by including coverage for things like SCADA and excluding things like client data breaches. It’s the “natural next step” and according to McLachlan, there is significant demand for this new product.”

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