Safeguard Your Team

GCube offers our liability product on a standalone basis or combine with our property covers to provide a comprehensive, one stop solution on a competitive basis.

We provide insurance throughout all stages of your renewable energy project, from development stage through construction and operation.

Third Party Liability
We provide third party liability coverage to safeguard your project by protecting you from legal liability claims presented by third parties. We provide coverage on an occurrence basis, ensuring that your project has cover for those unforeseen events that may have occurred in the past.

Employer’s Liability
As part of our comprehensive coverage services we offer an employer’s liability policy to protect employers from liabilities arising from fatality or injury to employees resulting from workplace conditions or practices.

North American Liability
Up to 30,000,000 USD*

International Liability
Up to 35,000,000 EUR*
Up to 50,000,000 EUR for any Offshore Wind, Tidal or Wave Project or Phase*

*Or the equivalent in any other currency