Construction All Risks

From the Ground Up

We provide coverage during the construction phase of your project, including the testing and commissioning phase and early generation phase from physical damage to advanced loss of profits.

Physical Damage

From weather related events to human error, we insure for physical damage to your equipment during construction of your project.  We understand the need to act quickly to keep your project moving forward and work with you to get back on schedule.

Mechanical & Electric Breakdown

Sudden and unforeseen failure of mechanical or electrical equipment during the construction, testing and commissioning and early generating phases of your project.

Advanced Loss of Profits

Particularly important for large projects where delay in project completion could have a substantial impact on the expected revenue. This coverage pays for loss of Anticipated Gross Profit from the scheduled date of commercial operation up to the actual date of commercial operation.

Pre Handover Operational Coverage

(Seamless Construction to Operational Coverage)

GCube understands that is customary for the contractor to place completed wind turbines generators and solar arrays into operation for the benefit to the owner in advance of the final completion of the project.  Our cover extends to indemnify the owner for damage to that operational equipment prior to the final completion date of the project.

Property Capacity

Up to 500,000,000 USD for any Onshore Wind or Solar Project or Phase

Up to 300,000,000 USD for any Offshore Wind or Other Renewable Energy Project or Phase


Up to 200,000,000 USD per Conveyance*

North American Liability

Up to 30,000,000 USD*

International Liability

Up to 35,000,000 EUR*

Up to 50,000,000 EUR for any Offshore Wind, Tidal or Wave Project or Phase*

*Or the equivalent in any other currency