Seamless coverage backed by renewables expertise

With over 25 years of experience insuring all major forms of renewable energy, GCube offers comprehensive, highly flexible insurance coverage, backed by strong underwriting practices and technical expertise.

GCube’s Pro policies – ‘A’ rated by A.M. Best and S&P – have become the industry gold standard. They provide seamless coverage that meets the specific risk management requirements of a renewable energy project as it moves from phase to phase.

Our renewable energy insurance offering continues to be enhanced with the development of new market-specific products, such as Weather Risk Transfer (WRT), designed to mitigate the financial impact of resource fluctuations on wind, solar and hydropower operators.

Our specialist underwriting and claims teams benefit from complete decision-making authority, cutting down delays relating to policy adjustment and ensuring swift claims approval and payment. We can offer up to $300M in capacity for any wind, solar or hydro project / phase, and up to $300M for other renewable energy technologies.

Insurance Coverage

GCube’s suite of insurance products is engineered to mitigate financial risks throughout the project lifecycle, from transit, to construction, to long-term operations.
  1. Cargo / Stockthroughput


    Covers against unforeseen loss or damage, from purchase, throughout all transit to a distribution warehouse or dock, and finally to the project site.

  2. Ocean & Inland Transit All Risks


    Coverage during all stages of transit and delivery, whether marine, on the dock, by air or inland transportation.

  3. Marine Delay in Start Up


    Covers loss of Anticipated Gross Profit and Liquidated Damages incurred as a result of delay in project completion due to loss during transit.

  4. Construction All Risks (CAR)


    We cover you throughout the entire construction phase of your project, including testing and commissioning and the early generation phases.

  5. Physical Damage


    Covers all physical damage to your equipment during construction, whether caused by human error or weather-related.

  6. Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown


    Coverage for the sudden and unforeseen failure of equipment at any point during project construction.

  7. Advance Loss of Profits (ALOP)


    Mitigates the financial impact of delays in project completion by covering for loss of Anticipated Gross Profit from the scheduled date of commercial operation until the actual date of commercial operation.

  8. Pre-handover Operational Coverage


    Ensures a seamless transition between construction and operations by covering the period when assets are operational prior to handover.

  9. Operational All Risks (OAR)


    We protect you against the unexpected events – from weather, to fire, to mechanical breakdown – that may damage your property and its ability to generate power.

  10. Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown


    Coverage for the sudden and unforeseen failure of equipment during day-to-day operations.

  11. Business Interruption


    Compensates for income lost due to the interruption of power generation activities – taking into account subsidy and tariff support mechanisms.

  12. Contingent Business Interruption


    Protects you against loss of earnings if a supplier, business, sub-contractor, key customer or manufacturer cannot continue to operate because of damage or destruction.

  13. General Liability


    GCube’s General Liability coverage safeguards your project from legal liability claims presented by third parties, throughout all stages of your renewable energy project.

  14. Weather Risk Transfer (WRT)

    Specialist offerings

    A tailored weather hedge mechanism that provides wind, solar and hydro project stakeholders with a means to stabilise future cash flows and minimise the impact of adverse weather on revenue.

  15. Cyber Risk

    Specialist offerings

    Protects revenues from the significant risk posed by malicious cyberattacks and ransomware.